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CC02 - Powerbor® Conecut Sheet and Tube Drill, 5/8"-1-3/16"

CC02 - Powerbor® Conecut Sheet and Tube Drill, 5/8"-1-3/16"

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GJ Hall Tools CC02 Powerbor Conecut Sheet and Tube Drill, 5/8 inch-1-3/16 inch (3/8 inch shank)
Mfg. Item Number:  2006
MPN:  CC02
Product Details

CONECUT® High Speed Steel Sheet & Tube Drills

The most versatile hole-cutting tool for rapid drilling and enlarging holes in thin materials up to 2mm thick. Designed for industrial applications, the diameter of the hole increases as the CONECUT® is advanced into the material, providing infinitely variable sizes For use in sheet steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Formica and plywood

  • Drills holes of any diameter within range
  • Non-slip point; needs no center punch
  • No flexing of drill while drilling
  • Multi-flute design
  • Enlarges existing holes
  • Shank will not slip in chuck
  • Produces burr-free holes

Cutting Fluid is always recommended to increase tool performance and longevity.

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